AirTrack Spark

New! The AirTrack Spark. The biggest home equipment! 

The AirTrack Spark is larger and thicker than any of our other AirTracks for home training: 5 x 1.4m (we recommend the OV10 for inflating the Spark). Our specially designed 20cm thick Sports Double-Wall fabric make the AirTrack Spark the best bouncing home track so far.

The x2.5 times larger surface makes it even more safe and versatile than any of our Home Equipment and the seam protection will ensure you get the strongest AirTrack available. You only need a spark to start your fire.

  • NEW!
  • Incredible bounce
  • 5 year warranty
  • Free shipping

Included The AirTrack Spark

Required OV10 blower, and the transport bag are not included


AirTracks combine all the positive characteristics.
  • Inflation within 4 min. (ov10)
  • Easily adjust the pressure to your preference
  • Soft, safe and extra bouncy
  • Portable and small in storage
  • No noise during trainings because continuous inflation is not required
  • 5m long, 1.4m wide, 20 cm thick
Experience the AirTrack Spark

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